John McAuliffe Launches his new book ‘The Way In’

Attended John McAulifef’s launch of his new Gallery Press book ‘The Way In’ in the new BooksThe Way In BOOK Cover Upstairs premises in D’Olier Street. Great venue, great bookshop, continuing its long tradition of forefronting Irish poetry. John read in his accomplished way, ably helped by a really gifted Irish Fiddle player, Dan Diamond. I suppose Dan is tired of puns on his name but he really is a diamond. What tunes from Sliabh Luachra! What wonderful compositions from Dan himself!

But I’m in danger of ignoring John’s wonderful poetry and his usual fluid and fluent reading. I will not go into detail just now about the contents of this new book just in case I spoil the pleasure s you will get after you rush out and buy it.. Which you must do. NOW.

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