Riposte Broadsheet Reader’s Choice Prize 2012.

I’ve been contributing to the Riposte Broadsheet for many a long time and this year was delighted that one of my poems was chosen by readers as their favourite of the year. So, congratulations to me, and even more congratulations to the River Griffeen in Lucan which has been the source of much inspiration for me over the years. If my muse has a residence anywhere on this earth it’s probably situated somewhere in the Griffeen Valley Park.

The River Griffeen in Full Flood

Griffeen Valley Park, Lucan


Again this morning in December you’re

the bluegreen artery that pulses through

the Griffeen Park to scatter sparkle, mist

and twists of birdsong, breaking flints of light

off every rock would dare to staunch your flood.


No stick nor stone, no twig nor twisted weed

will tourniquet your rush down this last mile

of crash and foam before you gash the Liffey

to go under once again, again

begin the long ascent into the skies.


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