Publication in Riposte Broadsheet, November 2012

Delighted that my poem ‘Blockbuster’ appeared in the Riposte Broadsheet published bimonthly by Michael O’ Flanagan. The poem is something of a protest at the hyping-up of films which are not much good (or downright awful!). Very often the poster / preview / trailer has all the good bits in it and gives the impression that this is one hell of a film you MUST see. Well, I suppose one can’t blame the advertising people for doing their best to sell the product. That’s why they get paid. Still, you must at one time or another have sat in the darkness wondering how on earth you were persuaded to spend your money on the rubbish flashing across the screen in front of you…


Cinema poster


She: Grand Canyon cleavage –

He: Rock of Cashel jaw-line –

Both: brandishing guns.

And in the background

several helicopters, one

descending in a ball of flame

and several villainous-looking types

with scars and attitude and … more guns.


There will be torrid love scenes (for the ladies)

There will be cars that crash through walls (the men)

and he will suffer scratches but

her make-up will survive intact.

‘Brilliant’ – Time Out.

‘Spectacular’ – The Sun.

‘Unmissable’ – The Mirror.

This film will glue you to your seat’ – Woodies DIY.

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