‘Behind the lines’ Tuesdays 8.00pm on Liffey Sound FM: ‘County Lines’ ed. by Dermot Bolger

Last Tuesday (19 April) at 8.00pm the first of my ‘Behind the Lines’ programmes was broadcast live on Liffey Sound FM. However, for those unfortunate persons unable to get us on 96.4 a podcast is available from ‘Radio Archives’ in the Blogroll on the right hand side of this site.  ‘County Lines’ is a collection of personal accounts of life in the South County Dublin area and produced in book form by Desmond Bolger when he was Writer in Residence with South County Dublin Co. Council in 2006. It’s on the shelves of all libraries in the area and also exists in audio-book form. It is truly a wonderful selection of writings and, quite apart from its main purpose of giving a flavour of life in the county, it is a great testiment to writing talent available to Desmond in his project. This particular programme features Brian Kirk, Colm Keegan, Eileen Casey and the late Joan O’Flynn. There is such a wealth of great material in this book that I intend to feature it in future programmes and to have some of the writers on the show in person.

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