‘Dancing for Dictators…’ Brian Boyd in the Irish Times ‘The Ticket’

Well I suppose we can all be ‘holier than thou’ but some of the stuff laid bare by Brian Boyd in his Friday ‘Revolver’ column in the Irish Times ‘The ‘Ticket’ is fairly breath-taking. Bad enough that the likes of Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Nelly Furtado and other ‘artistes’ took millions for performing in front of the Gheddafi family, but worse that now in the light of recent events (such as the death of hundreds of civilians at the hands of the Libyan ‘security’ forces) several of these luminaries maintain that they were booked to play a private show and didn’t know who was ultimately paying them. Brian says: ‘ If you’re offered a million dollars for a 45-minute appearance (and there’s usually a private jet to and from the gig thrown in), it behoves you to find out the provenance of the money’. True, but haven’t you heard, Brian, that artistes are just that: ‘artistes’ and wholly incapable of dealing with monyt matters, so occupied as they are with their art? … No, I didn’t think you’d buy that one…  Anyway, it’s good to see the rush to donate all this money to charity. Better late than never.

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