‘Looking for Leon’ Shirley Benton talks about her new book ‘Looking for Leon’ on Liffey Sound FM

Download a podcast of writer Shirley Benton talking with me on Liffey Sound FM about her new book ‘Looking for Leon’, published by Poolbeg Press and available in bookstores now (Eason’s ‘Book of the Month’). It’s a great read and Shirley tells me she has no problem with labels like ‘ChickLit‘ as long as people go out and buy her book and enjoy it! It’s  full of bizarre and humorous situations which will make you want to continue to the end. And who’s Leon? Ah now, did you REALLY think we’d tell you…?

You can download the podcast of by clicking on the ‘Radio Archives ‘ link in the Blogroll list on the right-hand-side of this blog (scroll down a bit!). This will bring you to Shirley on my‘Sunday Scrapbook‘ programme (and to many more luminaries). It will take a while to download, then you can fast-forward past the news and sport. Happy listening!

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