‘The Immaculate Deception’, by Jim Gallagher, Merlin Publishing 2009

Great Book!

I blogged my views on this wonderful book last January. It was just a short account of my reaction to it and certainly not something I expected to generate a large number of ‘hits’ on my blog. But amazingly it has!

Now when I say ‘a large number of hits’ I’m NOT talking thousands, or hundreds. However,  considering my modest foray into cyber space I am really surprised to see at least 2 or 3 clicks on TVIVF (my blogname) each day! Oh, the excitement here in my little homeoffice!!! You have just NO idea!

Well, not really. All I can say is I hope people will read this book and if my blog has spurred just one person to do so then I will be very happy indeed, particularly if that person had been thinking about handing any nosh over to other people with very powerful methods of making them think they ought to do so. No, I’m not talking about http://www.revenue.ie. There’s actually no way you can get out of  giving over your nosh to THEM. I mean people who give you reasons for parting with your hard-earned cash when you don’t HAVE to part with it. To help the Blessed Virgin, for instance. (Yes, really)

It’s a fascinating read, this book. All of human life is there: the good people, the gullible, the misled, those of the Faith, and those on the look out for easy pickings. You won’t be able to leave it down if you start reading it and, having finished it, you may wonder if you yourself might have fallen victim, given the power of the message.

OK. I know. You’re too sensible to throw money away. (But what about those lotto tickets you buy every week? Eh? Eh??)

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