Seven Towers Chapters Themed Reading on ‘Moonlight’ Thurs. Aug.18th

Helen Dempsey

This themed reading in Chapters Bookshop (Dublin) saw a wide variety of poetic and prose offerings. First up was Maeve O’Sullivan with a prose poem (‘Moonriddle’) and a election of Haiku. Bob Shakeshaft added to the theme with his selection, including ‘Luna’, a title also in Helen Dempsey’s readings a little later. She also had interesting poems like ‘Martin’s Moon’ (from her readings of Martin Buber) and one which dealt with that phenomenon known as ‘The Moonies’, that cult which convinces people they won’t be saved unless they follow its rules (no, not the Roman Catholic Church, the Moonies. Although…). Niamh Bagnell

Niamh Bagnell

gave us ‘Maybe the Night’ (which she delivered without a script: I find this aways contributes a lot to the overall effect, and her delivery is really food) and ‘Street Party.’ Karl Parkinson gave ‘December Frosts’ and one by Li Po. He also delivered that long poem describing the ‘underside’ of Dublin and Bernie O’Sullivan obliged with ‘Crying for the Moon’ and ‘Moonshine’, among others. Oran Ryan gave another excerpt from his novel-in-progress ‘One-Inch Punch’ and Pauline Fayne was very much on theme with ‘Night’ and


‘First Night’. I was glad to hear Raven again with his terrific delivery style. He gave a number of poems, one of which, though untitled, was about jealousy and was very impressive. He also gave some from Heaney and Longfellow. The evening finished with some story excerpts from Eileen Keane, whose stories will be published soon.

I tried to rise to the occasion and the theme (‘moonlight’) with a few from my recently published collection and this was no easy feat considering how very close all the other poets kept to the theme, and considering also my book is entitled

Bernie O'Reilly

‘And Suddenly the Sun Again’! But I gave ‘Kristallnacht on the Late Night Bus’ a poem about a rather frightening incident that happened to me some years ago (this poem appeared in a SHOp issue in 2002); and also  ‘There is an Hour of Night’ which appeared in the Galway ‘Crannog’ magazine in 2005 and is a favourite of mine. Well, there’s not really much about ‘moonlight’ in either of them, but it’s the nearest my collection can go! I made up (somewhat) by giving a poem ‘moonlght, i.e,’ and a not-so-serious one called ‘from The New Encyclopaedia of Irritating Human Behaviours, (Vol. 3)’ which I’m still working on. Only up to volume 3 yet. So much material!

A great reading and really well attended. We actually ran out of chairs: a GREAT sign for a poetry reading!!!


    1. Thanks. I’m sorry I have only got up as far as volume 3 in my ‘New Encyclopaedia of Irritating Human Behaviours’. It’s taking longer than I expected. There’s so much material out there…


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