Reading on the theme of ‘Hair’: Chapters Bookshop, Dublin, Thursday 15.0410

The theme was ‘hair’, a bit unfair on older male poets like me, I thought. But not to worry… I read a few that mentioned hair, like the one from my forthcoming collection, a poem called ‘There is a hour of night’ and several others which featured something about hair. Others addressed the theme directly, for eg., Steve Conway with a short story called ‘Steve Always gets the Girl’. The seeming immodest title is actually NOT, but I can’t tell you more because it will probably feature sometime in his

Anamaria Crowe Serrano

 publications and I won’t spoil the suspense. Anamaria Crowe Serrano was in fine form and delivered a very moving piece in memory of a friend now deceased. Also she gave others including a ‘hair’ piece (pun!) from her book ‘Femispheres’. Eileen Keane gave a 150 word untitled piece and an extract from a novel in progress. Like me, her ‘hair’ contribution was a bit tenuous, but who cares? Did I hear right or is Ross Hattaway’s next collection going to be called ‘Pretending to be Dead’? Anyway

Ross Hattaway

he gave us ‘Notes on a case in Progress’ and Oran Ryan obliged with an extract from the ‘Death of Finn’, his novel on the intrigues and goings-on inside a religious order, and which is really well worth a read. It reminded me of that great novel by CP Snow caled ‘The Masters’. Bernie O Sullivan, modest as always (Steve please note) read just one poem, involving someone close to her who went through difficult times. A really enjoyable reading, all this, and I would say that, wouldn’t I? Well, I would… and I will. I really like the way these poets speak their poetry without that monotonous ‘poetry voice’ that is so common in ‘readings’.  And the way there is always room for a bit of fun during the session. ‘Fun’… and  poetry? Yes, it CAN happen…

Eileen Keane

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