Open Mic at ‘The Winding Stair’ Bookshop, Dublin Fri.9th April

The Winding Stair Bookshop on Bachelors Walk, Dublin

Another ‘Winding Stair’ open mic organised by Orla Martin. Lots of stuff on show, including some from Stephen James Smith (himself the organiser of the weekly ‘Glor’ open mic on Mondays in The International Bar) and Noel O’Briain. Noel gave a poem which was partly a history of the Irish literary scene up to and including the ‘Celtic Twilight’ and then an old-fashioned love sonnet (by ‘old-fashioned’ I mean that it was carefully wrought, rhymed perfectly, held its emotions in check until the last, and was

Ann Tannam

 immediately comprhensible. Somewhat different to some ‘modern’ sonnets I hear now and then). Ann Tannam (at last I’ve spelt her name right) gave some of her poems of everyday life, of which I thought ”Transported’ was particualry good. Great to see Noel Sweeney surfacing again to give his long, exquisitely rhymed poetry, and always without a script. (How does he do it!) ‘We’re all lambs to the slaughter. Who’s counting sheep?’ Also there was Nichalas  ‘Birch’ (I’m ashamed to say I have never gotten his name right in all the times we’ve met up since way back in Gerry McNamara’s ‘Write and Recite’ in Capel Street) who gave one of his renowned explosive performance which gave a new

Eileen O'Dea

twist on an old fairy tale. On the subject of unscripted performance– what can I say about Eileen O’Dea who gave an absolutely spell-binding rendition of part of Molly Bloom’s soliloquaoy. I looked around the room while she gave it and everyone was entranced. Liz mcSkeane gave a poem about the tourist tribulations of visiting the Egytian pyramids.  There was also music from Orla Martin other musicians, and a one-woman show from Nicole Rourke, and poetry and prose from lots of other people to whom I apologise for leaving out. And I won a 20 euro book token in the raffle, so thanks a lot to Orla Martin (whe wants to be a GAY ICON when she grows up) for a great night.

The incomparable Noel Sweeney

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