Reading at the ‘Hammersmith Ram’, London, Sunday 28th March.

Three poets and a prose writer: Alice  Lenkiewicz and myself (poets) and Donal Maloney and Steve Conway doing prose.

Alice Lenkiewicz

Alice, originally from Devon but now based in Liverpool, read from her collection ‘Men Hate Blondes’ and gave an interestingly different type of reading employing her sister as a second voice. The effect was quite unusual and seemed to give the lines more resonance. Must see if there’s anything in this for me. (All poets are unashamedly imitators of there colleagues. And didn’t Wilde say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? … or words to that effect). You should visit Alice’s website at . Her being a visual artist shows up in her poetry. Her book ‘men Hate Blondes’ was published by ‘original plus press’ in 2009. Donal Maloney is an old acquaintance from the 7 Towers

Donal Maloney

 readings in Dublin but is now based in London. He gave another extract from the novel he has been writing this past year and is soon to finish. Steve Conway treated us to another piece from  ‘Shiprock’, his best-selling account of life on the pirate Radio Caroline ship. Steve’s book is hilarious in itself but his affable manner also adds to the humour and creates a very amusing entertainment. Steve believes life’s to short to be sermonising to much about its dark sides. (I agree). He also threw in a poem, just to show up Alice and me. Me?– A few ‘recession’ poems, though they are ones with a ‘light’ touch.


I also read that one about Gary Glitter, which I continue to think very pertinent, given the defensive reaction of some of our ‘establishment’ writers to the revelations concerning some dubious goings-on in Kathmandu, Nepal, that emerged in the last year or so concerning an Irish writer. Sarah Lundberg of Seven Towers (organisers of the event) did emcee and it was an enjoyable evening.

Steve Conway


  1. Just when did you master the art of bi-location? How can one man be in so many different places in one short month? Very much enjoyed your poem about emotional eruptions brought on by the unpronouncable volcano.


    1. Hi Anne Was in hospital a few days. Thanks for the note. Bi-location? No: retirement! I can go where and when I like now, so that explains things a bit. I said that when I retired I would get down to making my poetry my business and that’s what I’m doing. The ‘gig’ in Hammersmith was great fun and I had intended to visit my daughter over there around that time, anyway, so things worked out. Thanks for the kind words about Eyajak… Eyajakol…noodle… That volcano poem, I mean. It was just a bit of fun. Let me say that your style of crisp, direct delivery, with none of those pretentious ‘poetry voices’, is very refreshing to listen to, as is your clean-cut, direct, writing. You’re a tonic! Eamonn


  2. Thanks Eamonn, I’m chuffed with your comments.Glad to hear that poetry is now your full blown passion.Tri-location will be your next challenge. I hope to see one of your selves at Cassidys soon. Take care and I hope you are back fitting fit and ready to take the poetry world by storm with your latest book. Anne


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