7 Towers ‘Last Wednesday’ Open Mic. March 31st

Quite a line-up for this ‘Last Wednesday’ open mic from 7 Towers in Cassidy’s of Westmoreland Street, Dublin— All the usual suspects and a few new hands at the game. Karl Parkinson led off with a few new ones, including ‘Positivity’ which is well worth hearing. Oran Ryan explored the link between mental ilness and poetry, which made us all shift a little uneasily in our seats. The guest for the evening, an American-based

Jane Ormerod

 London poet Jane Ormerod (www.janeormerod.com), gave a virtuoso display of that rich flowing verse that really grips the ear. I liked her ‘Termites’ poem particularly. Walt Whitman… no, no, he wasn’t there at Cassidys… well, then again he was because his name came up a number of times after Jane mentioned him. Still a great influence after all those years!

Then Bob Shakeshaft, Helen Dempsey, Inez Dillon Steve Conway, Ann tannen... Ann gave a series of poems grouped around ‘parenthood’ which I thought really

Liz McSkeane

good. Anamaria Crowe Serrano followed and Liz mcSkeane gave some old and new poems (Welcome back, Liz, after a too-long absence!). Also welcome back to Kevin Swords who gave a poem examining the phenomenon we now cannot do without: The Blog. I gave my old ‘Gravediggers’ poem and the one with the first line stolen from Wordsworth ‘How Of in Spirit Have I turned to Thee…‘   Thank God he wasn’t there to hear what I added on!

I know I’ve left some people out so to them apologies. Reminds me of something I read in the Guardian (I think) over the weekend: The composer Brahms was a very cantankerous individual and once, on leaving a gathering, turned around at the door and said that if there was anyone in the room that he had not insulted they had his apologies, and then left.

Steve Conway showing off how he can read from his mobile phone...


  1. Hi Eamonn,
    I had no idea there was a spy amongst us, busy recording the evening’s events.I am only new at this lark and any feedback is most welcome.It is a priviledge to read alongside all you fantastic Seven Towers writers. See you at the end of April, Anne Tannam


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