‘Chapters and Verse’ Evening Reading at Chapters Bookshop Thursday 11 March 2010.

This post should be with the pictures I put up last entry but I am gone bonkers trying to fit it in with them, so here it is as a separate post!… The ‘theme’ of the evening was ‘Stars’ and Bob Shakeshaft led off with some new poems, including one very descriptive ‘Silver Bay’. Eileen Keane read part of a short story involving an astrologer… well, ‘stars‘, you know… I managed to push a poem about sunlight into the evening’s theme and then one about Gary Glitter. (He was a ‘star’, right?). Helen Dempsey did a lot better with a great poem called ‘Looking Up’ (at the stars). Oran Ryan read a prose piece from the latest ‘Census’ anthology (published by Seven Towers, and some new poems. And then Ana Maria Crowe Serrano gave us ‘Quechua’ from her ‘Hemispheres’ collection, published by Shearsman Books (www.shearsman.com) and ‘In the Andes’ from the same collection, the latter being very much in the evening’s theme. Ross Hattaway finished up with a selection from his collection ‘The Gentle Art of Rotting’, and some new stuff. Very good evening, very good attendance, and certainly did NOT conform to my ‘Haiku’:

Five poets here tonight.

Audience of four.

OK: nine poets here.

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