‘Library Ireland Week’ 8-13th March @ Dublin Institute of Technology library, Kevin Street:. ‘A Different Kind of Knowing’ Wed. 10th March.


This reading, organised jointly by the DIT library and the Seven Towers Agency featured 2riters from the agency and from DIT. Brendan Devlin (DIT librarian) gave a number of accomplished pieces, including a fine poem ‘Opy-Days’ from which the title of the reading (‘A different kind of knowing’) was drawn. One of the DIT lecturers, Philip Cohen confessed to ‘coming out’ again as a poet (after a lengthy period in hiding) to parade a series of witty Haiku (but I think he was practising all the time in secret). Seven Towers was represented by Ross Hattaway, Anne Morgan, Anamaria Crowe Serrano, and myself…


 I don’t know whether I should call Seamus Cashman a ‘Seven Towers’ writer, but I’m sure he won’t mind my including him in the list. He gave us some of his ‘no-holds-barred’ poems on the middle-east conflict and if you want to hear top-class Political Poetry, look out for Seamus. The Creative Writing students and their tutor (Sue Norton) provided the bulk of a very receptive audience. Special thanks due to Brendan Devlin as MC and genial host for the evening.

More photos…


Anne Morgan

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