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March 12, 2010

‘Library Ireland Week’ 8-13th March @ Dublin Institute of Technology library, Kevin Street:. ‘A Different Kind of Knowing’ Wed. 10th March.

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This reading, organised jointly by the DIT library and the Seven Towers Agency featured 2riters from the agency and from DIT. Brendan Devlin (DIT librarian) gave a number of accomplished pieces, including a fine poem ‘Opy-Days’ from which the title of the reading (‘A different kind of knowing’) was drawn. One of the DIT lecturers, Philip Cohen confessed to ‘coming out’ again as a poet (after a lengthy period in hiding) to parade a series of witty Haiku (but I think he was practising all the time in secret). Seven Towers was represented by Ross Hattaway, Anne Morgan, Anamaria Crowe Serrano, and myself…


 I don’t know whether I should call Seamus Cashman a ‘Seven Towers’ writer, but I’m sure he won’t mind my including him in the list. He gave us some of his ‘no-holds-barred’ poems on the middle-east conflict and if you want to hear top-class Political Poetry, look out for Seamus. The Creative Writing students and their tutor (Sue Norton) provided the bulk of a very receptive audience. Special thanks due to Brendan Devlin as MC and genial host for the evening.

More photos…




Anne Morgan


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