Chapters Bookshop: Lunchtime Readings Feb 3 and 17

Ross Hattaway.. such great ties (no, not 'thighs'... 'ties'!)

Two readings at which I ‘performed’, or ‘delivered’, or ‘said’ my poems– The terminology is getting quite complicated these days. I shared the first reading with Ross Hattaway who read some pieces from his ‘Gentle Art of Rotting’ collection (Seven Towers 2006) but mostly from other pieces he is preparing for his next. These included some acerbic political pieces modelled on the ‘manifestos’ we get from the various political parties at election time, some which were quite hilarious ( I mean Ross’s pieces, but now that I think of it, you could apply ‘hilarious’ also to the ‘manifestos’). It slips my mind just now what it was I read because shortly afterwards I had an unexpected stay in hospital and by the time I read again with Orla Martin I had some ‘hospital poems’ to ‘perform’, or ‘deliver’… (see above). Included was a piece entitled ‘Bon Secours’ and let me take this opportunity to say what a great medical team is out there in that hospital on Dublin’s north side. Orla did a great gig, giving

Orla Martin

us her ‘When I Grow Up I Want to be a Gay Icon’ piece and also (among others) a little piece called ‘Crimson’ which is full of striking ‘s’ sound effects (there’s a word for that but I can’t think of it just now). All in all, the readings were very enjoyable and MC’d as usual by the redoubtable Sarah. Next ‘7 Towers’ Dublin event is next Wednesday 7.30pm Cassidy’s Bar in Westmoreland Street. See you there!

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