‘Winter Chill’ at Chapters Bookshop, Thursday 12th Nov.


Chapters Bookshop again and another evening reading organised by the indomitable Sarah Lunsberg of Seven Towers. An array of readers, including Bob Shakeshaft, who included a poem about homelessness in his reading, as did Anne Morgan. It’s coming up to that time of year after all when the weather can be particularly hard on those condemned to the streets. Eileen Keane read a story and Ross Hattawayhad an ‘armistce-day’ style poem. Bernie O’ Reilly gave a few of her poems from direct experience (‘…and that is why it’s best to start/To write a diary of the heart…’). Anamaria Crowe Serrano (what a terrific name!) had one about a climber friend who misjudged global warning, and with tragic consequences and Maeve O’Sullivan read one called ‘Class of 84’ about the death of Lennon. (According to Maeve, a lot of people remember where they were when the news came, just like when Kennedy was assassinated… I myself don’t link up with Lennon’s death, though with Kennedy’s yes, and 9/11).

Maeve O'Sullivan

Steve Conway finished off with another adventure from his days on the high seas with Radio Caroline and, with all these madcap adventures on board ship, perhaps we’re beginning to wonder how much actual ‘work’ was being done!.. Only joking, Steve! (you can find out for yourself by buying ‘Shiprocked – Life on the waves with Radio Caroline’, published by Liberties Press). My own contribution was the suitably chilling ‘Snowqueen’ from my first collection, an a poem about January (same collection) and a poem simply entitled ‘Winter’ from Ray pospisil’s posthumous collection ‘The Bell’, published by Seven Towers. All in all a very enjoyable and as usual eschewing po-faced formality and very well attended.


I see, by the way, that my first collection, referred to above, (‘Dispatches and Recollections’, published by Lapwing, 1998) is available on Amazon, so if you are really curious…

I have probably left out a few people in this short account and so to them… sorry! Get you next time!

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