Publication in ‘The Stony Thursday Book’

This week received my copy of this year’s ‘The Stony Thursday Book: a collection of contemporary poetry’ in which my poem ‘Thank You for Holding’ appears. It’s a light-hearted (or black-humoured) look at the danger of being buried alive and a suggestion as to how such an uncomfortable end might be averted. It also tries to have a go at the inanities one has to endure when making a simple telephone query to commercial or government offices. I particularly detest the way some firms try to sell you stuff before they connect you to the required orifice. And all this delivered by automated voice, which leaves you unable to cut them short! I didn’t get around to this in  ‘Thank You for Holding’, so I  think I may have material for another poem. Thank you for reading this blog entry. Your hit is very important to me.


 Because statistics tell me

 that you’ll see me out, my love,

 I would be much obliged 

if you would grant me this

one last request: Before


the lid is fastened, please

insert between my prayerful fingers

and my rosary beads

my mobile phone

and please make sure

that for the next few days, at least,


(a) in credit,

(b) fully charged,

(c) turned on, and not

(d) buried at the bottom of your handbag

where it is liable to dial out during

a search for car-keys, spectacles,

credit-cards, lipstick, and et cetera

(a full list available on request). And
if you do not hear from me
 during the mournful days   
sequential to my demise I pray

you put aside your inconsolable grief

and give me a call. And

please be patient as I

may have some difficulty

in coming to the phone.

Thank you for holding.

Your call could be important to me.

Eamonn Lynskey

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