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October 4, 2009

7 Towers Last Wed. Open Mic Sept.09

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A goodly list of readers for tonight’s September Open Mic (30.09.09) in Cassidy’s of Westmoreland Street under the usual adroit MC Declan McLoughlin. Plenty to hear from Eileen Keane (new Story ‘Snapshots’) of which we will get the next half next month. Prose writers are always at a disadvantage at open mics because their work (usually) doesn’t fit into the alotted 5-10 minutes, but it will be great to hear the rest of Eileen’s story next time. It’s very good.

Eileen Keane

Eileen Keane

Also a spot from Orla Walsh, who gave notice of her next open mic at the Winding Stair Bookshop  on Dec.4th. You’ll have only 3 minutes to strut it, so windbags please note (I have already noted for mysel!). Among other ‘performers’ were Bob Shakeshaft, Anne Morgan and myself, plus turns from Gabriel Collins, Dermot (?) Ross hathaway, Oran Ryan, Pauline Hall, Helen Dempsey, Edward Lee… and these are the names I remember! What a great line-up! I had to leave before the last part because of pressing reasons and I remember Niall O’Sullivan (MC of London’s ‘Poetry Unplugged’ sessions) voicing his contempt for those who read their stuff in the first part and then leave at the interval,

Orla Martin

Orla Martin

telling themselves on the bus going home what great poets they are and so much better than the rest. I agree (and anyway it’s just plain bad manners) and am so glad Niall wasn’t around to see me slip out because of my ‘pressing reasons! Lots of other readers, too numerous to mention, (though because this venue has really grown since I first came to it in Bowes Pub across the road in Fleet Street. This goes to show that if  venue is well organised and stays the course and (above all) is regular and advertised it will survive and prosper. Great credit to the Seven Towers organisation for keeping the show on the road.

our genial host

our genial host

some of our genial audience

some of our genial audience

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