‘Ra’ at the Cobblestone, Dublin (25.08.’09)

Plenty to see and hear tonight (Tuesday 25th) at ‘Ra’ under the usual genial tutelage of Raven. Feature poet Stephen James Smith performed and also gave one from Yeats (first time I’ve heard ‘Easter 1916’ partly sung!) and also from Pat Ingoldsby and Christy Brown… Christy has become a bit forgotten, I think, and this is a shame because of his achievements, given his disabilities, though these have nothing to do with the quality of his stuff which is top class by any standard, as in the one Stephen read (‘Dunce’) following his own ‘How Is She?’. Lots of other entertainment too: Raven himself with his ‘Meat’ (poem I mean!) ‘priced and placed mid plastic garland’ in the butcher’s window. Songs from Circa O’Shea and another racy chapter from Delta O’Hara’s (still being written) novel about life in the phone-sex industry. (Well, maybe it’s a novel .. or a long narrative poem… whatever it is, it sure is interesting listening. Great humour). Delta is scheduled for ‘Electric Picnic’ too, please note. Haven’t seen Aishling Fox for ages, who gave us a Spanish poem with English translation. Heard some really good rap-style poetry from Harry Muschops. I read ‘Little Boy and Tricycle’ (see ‘My Poetry’ page) from ‘Shop’ magazine, which is produced really well by John and Hilary Wakeman in Cork (www.theshop-poetry-magazine.ie) and deserves to be more publicised. (It’s available in Dublin from ‘Books Upstairs’, ‘The Winding Stair’ and The Rathfarnham Bookshop in the Shopping Centre). Also I read some of my own polemical stuff about war and whether or not ‘commemorations’ are good things. Or very bad. I incline to think they are bad.

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