The ‘Poetry Unplugged’ open mic, London

The ‘Poetry Unplugged’ open mic at ‘The Poetry Place’ in Betterton Street in London was as good as ever last Tuesday (4th August). It takes place every Tuesday and is hosted by the redoubtable Niall O ‘Sullivan with great aplomb. Five minutes only for each poet, and Niall keeps the rule very strictly. How else would you get through 30 poets in an evening? Anyway, if you’re NOT into elitist, mumbling, high-mass style ‘readings’, this is the place for you!

Great variety. And a high standard throughout. If you are ever in London on a Tuesday evening go along to this event (nearest Underground station is Covent Garden). If you want to read, you must get your name on the list between 6.00 and 7.00pm. The mic starts up at 7.30. Cost is £5, but £3 if you read. Expect some acerbic (but friendly) comments from Niall and an enthusiastic reception from everyone. Ages range from youngsters (like myself) to ‘old hands’. The five-minute rule adds great pace to the event (no dull moments!) and there’s a 15 minute break between times. Absolutely recommended.

And by the way… Niall is a very fine poet himself with many publications and you can find out more about him (and how he feels about the importance of the open mic) at

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