‘Finnegan’ on DigitalHub FM94.3(Fri,9.00pm)

Highlight of this week’s show (Fri, 17th July) was our guest Sarah Williams, musician and composer, interviweing her American friend Emer on her (Emer’s) experience of campaigning for Barak Obama. Turns out that what we’ve heard and seen of his charisma is even stronger up close. Also Micheal Mac Aonghusa ag ple an ceist maidir leis an tuarascail sin on ‘Bord Snip Nua’ and me talking about how we all must face up to these cuts sooner or later. (It seems to me that most people now share this view. But it also seems to me to be a case of St. Augustine’s prayer: “Oh Lord, make me good. But not just yet”!). Our host, Edward Delaney had things to say about the anniversary of the moon landing, and some reflections on the Mars project. There’s only two more shows left, so don’t miss next Friday and the following Friday at 9.00pm for some unparallelled entertainment.

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