Barbara Smith, Oran Ryan, Anamaria Crowe Serrano and Eamonn Lynskey

Another evening reading at Chapters Bookshop, Dublin, arranged by 7 Towers, featuring Barbara Smith, Annmarie Crowe-Serrano, Oran Ryan and myself. On the theme of ‘Sunshine’: well, we did our best. (There was a rumour that this was going to be a really good summer this year, but it’s beginning to look like it was all just a rumour). Good stuff on show. I remember particularly Barbara’s poem about things to have with you in your coffin…!  I read a few ‘suns-shiney’ ones, including one from way back when called ‘Morning Pours God’s Plenty’— another of the poems that the late David Marcus published so long ago in the Irish press and thereby encouraged me greatly to continue writing poetry. I have included the poem in the ‘My Poetry’ page in this blog.

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