‘Finnegan’ on Digital Hub FM 94.3

Hello to all our listeners!
Hello to all our listeners!

Did my usual Friday spot on the ‘Finnegan’ programme (Fridays 9.00-10.00pm), hosted by Edward Delaney. Read out 2 poems, one of which was ‘When I Am Become Again’. Amazing to think it is so many years ago that the late lamented David Marcus published it in the Irish Press. It seems like, well, only a year or two ago. He gave a lot of people their first published poem, did David, and thereby he gave them a great confidence to continue on with their stuff. I am also always amazed at the amount of people I meet to whom he gave this start-up. He must be the single most influential editor ever from the point of view of encouraging young writers. I have included the poem in the ‘My Poetry’ page.

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